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 Join us for great days out and events at the Masbro!
Wishing everyone a joyous Festive Season and a healthy, happy 2018
fromTina and the entire team.
See you in January!
Tea Club schedule Jan 2018
Tea Club schedule Feb 2018
It was magic!
Bonfire Night went down a treat with Christian Grace performing his magic tricks.
magic bonfire night 


Last of the fish and Chips. Thank you Brighton, we had a lovely day!

older pl brighton RZ


Creating Peace Poetry at the Masbro. With thanks to Nubian Life and Open Age

oldr ppllRZ


Senior members at the tea club in conjunction with Bridging Arts.

A beautiful exhibition of embroidery displayed in the Masbro reception area. The pieces of artwork were the outcome of 5 embroidery workshops. Members were also invited to see Opus Anglicanum Masterpieces of English Embroidery at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Jan 24th2017. Everyone had an amazing experience.

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The Seniors Christmas Lunch on 16th December was a total success with 101 people participating in this fantastic event. 

Members and volunteers enjoyed a delicious traditional lunch and great selection of drinks, were entertained by the 50 shades of Jazz band and everyone received a Christmas present, plus we also enjoyed the presence of The H&F Mayor Councillor Mercy Umeh
Thank you to all those who ensured the event was a memorable one. (see full slide show click here)

elders christms plaq ReZ2


The Elders totally enjoyed a very interesting and learning session about making organic winter remedies and about healthy eating, where they also had the chance to enjoy a fantastic selection of healthy foods prepared by Alecia Sharpe from the Edward Woods Community Champions Project.
 Thank you to the volunteers, who as usual, made this a nice experience.

healtthy plaque RZ


Congratulations to Nobby Madden for the lifetime achievement award for volunteering at the Masbro Centre. 


 Twenty-eight people attended the Volunteers/Befrienders Networking meeting on 10th Nov 2016 and also celebrated Mervyn Price Birthday over a delicious spread of healthy food. Well done to the volunteers who year in and year out give their time to help our community. You are the Masbro heroes!

  249rz   859rz  217rz



Following up from the previous happiness session, members of the club enjoyed making and designing their own thank you cards. Marisa Alcaide the art tutor was very inspiring and creative. The messages were also dedicated to anyone or anything that brings happiness to our senior lives. Fantastic work!!
mind 151819 mind 151842
mind 151922
  mind 152106   mind 152141


"The food was absolutely delicious.  I've enjoyed myself more (today) than I have in a long time!"  Steve Rogers (long term service user)

The Masbro Older Peoples Service participated in the run up to the tri-borough Silver Sunday Festival with a fantastic Cheese & Wine Party for our senior citizens on 27th September.

cheese and wine partyRZ

The Masbro catered for 47 people in total and everyone was delighted with the food, piano and magic performances by two local young musicians, Christian and Thomas. The seniors were also grateful to the volunteers who ensured everyone was well looked after and served. Well done to all!


AUGUST 2016 


The Masbro Elders totally enjoyed the seaside trip to Hastings on 23rd August. This truly is a fantastic place to visit with everything for everyone. Members also had fun with the Quiz competition about our Olympic heroes and were very happy with the coach facilities on one of the hottest days in England.

20160823 091938RZ  20160823 124024RZ 20160823 140946-1RZ

hastings 2 pics RZ

And here is some feed back.  A lovely comment from one of our service users David Small

"Just a line to say how grateful Vincent and I were for the trip yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Glen was such a nice guy. The coach was so comfortable.

We found a beautiful Brazilian coffee shop not long after we arrived. Junior, the owner originally from Sao Paolo was great.

We walked along the beach and found a cockle stall, so fresh and then a genuine traditional fish and chop cafe. Before we found an amazing ice cream parlour. So we did everything a Brit does on a day trip.

Thanks again,

With love, David"

porrait on sea side RZ



Thank you to Will George – Health and Wellbeing Coach, for such a empowering
Happiness session yesterday 16th Aug”.  We had 38 participants that learnt a bit more about what
really means to be and find happiness” 
Here are a few tips that can help you achieve happiness:
Giving – Do things for others
Relating – Connect with people
Exercising – Take care of your body
Awareness – Live life mindfully
Trying out – Keep learning new things
Direction – Have goals to look forward to
Resilience – Find a way to bounce back
Emotions – Look for what is good
Acceptance – Be comfortable with who you are
Meaning – Be part of something bigger
Show and express gratitude



“Here we go again with another successful trip, this time to Battersea Park on Tuesday 9th August. The elders enjoyed the walk, picnic and beautiful weather. Thank you to all those who participated”. 

RZ20160809 151810 

  20160809 141134RZ 

  AUG plaque

JULY 2016


“The Seniors Summer BBQ on Tuesday 26th July, was another great success thank you to the volunteers and staff members.  The weather was also delightful and all 51 participants enjoyed every bit of it”

Well done!!

bbq party



 “We had a fantastic trip to Cookham and Maidenhead on 5th July under a glorious sunny day.  All 24 senior members, 4 volunteers and 2 members of staff enjoyed the picnic, walking along the river, looking at the ducks and beautiful scenery”

RZ 20160705 141019  RZ 20160705 134546  

    RZ 20160705 134558 RZ 20160705 141206 RZ 20160705 143143


 APRIL 2016


We had another fantastic St Georges Day Celebration with more than 50 people attending this event.

Everyone enjoyed the food and especially the entertainment that was provided by two talented solo artists; Eavan a local resident and Christina from Imperial College.  Thank you also to the volunteers for ensuring members had plenty to eat and drink. Well done!!

plate st georgeRZ



Sew Much Fun in Hammersmith click here

A great turnout today at the embroidery workshop.  Rusty, aged 91, had never embroidered before, though he said he was pretty good at sewing as he had been in the navy- 'and you had to know how to sew a bit.'  This is part of our long running work with needlework, sewing and embroidery.  For more information, click here.   Lots of people took their embroidery home with them today to work on in the meantime. 


The next session is on 17 May! 


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MARCH 2016

St Patricks Celebration Day
42 of our senior members enjoyed another great St Patricks Day on Tuesday 15th March with live music entertainment provided by Scott McMahon who ensured everyone got to the dance floor and had a brilliant time.  Thank you to the volunteers for their support and dedication in delivering this event.
20160315 15114020160315 154309
20160315 160127   20160315 151001


Volunteers Celebration Party
The Older Peoples Service invited their volunteers and befrienders to a celebration party on Friday 11th March at the Queen’s Head, where they enjoyed a fantastic spread of food and drinks.
This was an opportunity to thank each of the them for the wonderful work they do with our senior citizens who are lonely and isolated.
Thank you to all the volunteers for making a difference in someone’s life!! 
(photos courtesy of Franco Chen)
   DSC09055 copyDSC09092 
DSC09029 copy



plaque 2 RESIZED

2812a The chefs and back of house crop822RESIZED


January 2016

Queens Gallery exhibition and art activity 

The elders began the year with a fantastic trip to the Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace on Tue 26th Jan. 

Members were given a personal tour of the current Dutch paintings exhibition and also equipped with art materials to do sketches of the exhibition which they finalised with the help from a dedicated art tutor.  They enjoyed every bit of it.  

sketches    queens gallery 20160126 150529 copy

Further outings to the gallery and palace will take place throughout the year. So watch this space!!  

Art activity 20160126 161813_______________________

Anne Clarke's son Jimmy Clarke expressed his gratitude for the love and care his mother received every time she attended activities at the Masbro Older Peoples Tea Club.

We received a donation of £650 from the late Anne Clarkes' (A former user ) estate.  Thank you Jimmy, ..and Thank you Anne! 

donation resized bigger


Happy New Year!



The Cheese and Wine Celebration event on Tuesday 29th Sep, in participation and run up to Silver Sunday on 4th October, was very successful with 53 participants.

The elders enjoyed a fantastic selection of aperitifs, wine and beautiful entertainment with a sing along and performance by Josh Millais from Open Age.

Also well done and big thank you to the volunteers who never stopped catering for everyone and making this an unforgettable event. Well done to everyone!!




August 2015

We closed the summer with a trip to Windsor and Eaton were 28 people attended and despite the weather everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  Some went to the shops others inside the castle and some just explored the town and visited the Museum.  The drivers and volunteers did an excellent job and this is a trip we will be repeating again next year. 

group shot 

IMG 2611  2615


July 2015 

The Masbro Elders Summer BBQ was another great success with 51 people attending the event. This included the support from the young people of the Masbro Youth Club, who also gave us a beautiful performance. The food was just delicious and there was never a shortage of Pimm's drink all afternoon.

Thank you to all the volunteer cooks and staff members that made this event a memorable one. Well done to all.


bbq5  bbq6

bbq3a bbq2


Kensington Palace Trip



The trip to Kensington Palace was a complete success with 32 people attending on Wednesday 15th July 2015. The group was given a historical power point presentation on Queen Victoria’s life, a tour of the Palace and view of dresses wore by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and delayed Diana Princess of Wales, a quiz afterwards and a special room to take our lunch. It was an amazing day and everyone enjoyed it very much!!


Special thanks to Elizabeth Goldrick from Open Age who helped organise this fantastic trip. 


June 16th - Epping Forest

Thirteen members from the Older People Service visited Epping Forest, High Beach on 16th June 2015.  Everyone had a fantastic day out and enjoyed the picnic and getting closer to nature.  There was a beautiful pond with water lilies and amazing trees. Well done to all!!

 bench20Epping20Forest1   small20group20IMG 21972 



Tuesday 17th March -  St Patricks Celebration Day at the Masbro Centre


This was an exciting event with 40+ senior members attending and celebrating one of the most special days for all Irish and British in the world.

Thank you to all the volunteers who supported the event and hard work made this a fantastic celebration. Also well done to Chris Legg the guitarist who entertained at the occasion and his lively music made everybody happy.