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CPHC Autumn Term

Autumn is here! Take a look at our new parenting programmes this term. Triple P and Teen Triple P. Strengthen Families & Communities, About Boys and more.

 Confident Parent – Happy Child is a 3 year project for parents and carers of children 0-18 years of age living in Hammersmith and Fulham.          Click here for NEW term programme


‘We've happily moved back to our home country, Chile, 10 days ago. I brought my Triple P parenting program booklet with me as I really treasure it. I enjoyed so much the parenting courses at Masbro's as it was an excellent opportunity to pause and reflect about our everyday work as a parent and look in ways to improve. Thank you so much for your work, your talks were absolutely amazing. Keep doing what you do so well! I was pleased to receive your email today and remember those happy moments at Masbro. – Francisca Alvarez (parent)

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